Do some holiday style dxpeditions as well ILLW and fielddays. While I use 100 W tranceiver on trips by car, fieldday and ILLW on holiday style "dxpeditions" by plane I use my K1 or K2 in QRP.  Antenna is a triple leg style allband vertical on a 10 meter  (30feet) fiber tower. Radiator and counterpoise are 6.8 meter long. Charged with 15 meter wireman and connected with a 4:1 balun direct to the TRX.
Can match all bands from 80 to 10 meter.  80 meter are less than a compromise, but 40 to 10 works great . I was several times in florida and took a lot of good contacts to EU, asia and OC with 5 wtts.

ILLW as PA/DL9FBF in EU-038/NL-0048 August 2016 with DH9FAV, DL6FBK and DL6FBR

In november 2015 (12 days),  I worked six continents 78 DXCCs by 300 QSO (200 in contest) as W4/DL9FBF from Cape Coral, FL in less conditions.   Equipment:  Elecraft K2 and my allband vertical  5-10 W out.
Participate on the CQ WW DX in the QRP Class with fair success

CQ WW 11/2016:   W4/DL9FBF in Cape Coral/FL

                                                                                                    ...looking for DX :-)

Portable from Bavaria nr. Passau

Ukranian DX Contest as OE8ZSU with Paul, DF4ZL and Gerd, DL6XK

ILLW  HB9/DL7F/P  with Lui, DL6FBR and Paul, DL6FBK in Rohrschach